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Introduction of Kassandra and her Teachings


Kassandra, a collective voice, shares teachings online since 2008, representing feminine energy for balance. She says we come from diverse origins and are evolving into a higher dimension. Kassandra encourages collaboration and rediscovering our inner strength. She symbolizes breaking free from old limits and promotes unity for positive change. Ultimately, she advises staying true to love, light, and truth for personal and global growth.

Full message:

(Transcript of the message recorded for You Tube in February 2008)

We are Kassandra. We come to this day in love, in light and in truth. Is this acceptable to you? Good. We understand the situation of today's channeling. We would like to communicate through these waves of communication that you have, over the Internet, at this time. Because we understand that this is very immediate and quick way to get across messages. And so, we are choosing now to utilize this way, as a way to gather you, to awaken you, to join with you, in fact, to creating, or co-creating as it is, the world which your hearts desire.


Why Kassandra appears as a female?

In essence, I could appear to you as either male or female. However, we are choosing at this time of the evolution of this planet and what you would call mankind, to be represented in the female form. We chose this, because it is the female energy that is most needed at this time on the planet. The energy of forgiveness, the energy of compassion, the energy of understanding, of healing, of harmonizing, of compromising... and there are many more qualities that represent the feminine principle. It is not to say that the male principle is not valuable, present and needed. It is simply that we, at this moment, feel that it is the female principle that is most needed to bring your planet into balance.


Where do you all come from?

You have many supporting you at this time from various different realms, planets, and dimensions. And you yourself come, not only have you evolved from this planet, some of you, but some of you have come from other planets. Some of you have come from other dimensions. So, you are a culmination of many different nationalities, many different DNAs, many different Merkarbahs, many different life forces or fields, you have many different blue-prints. And so, it is time for you, now, to join together to bring above peace and harmony on this planet.


5th dimension

You have evolved through the 3rd dimension, the 4th dimension and now into the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is primarily a dimension that darkness does not exist within, if you are referring to the 5th dimension of light. This planet has moved into that dimension and so, too, is you. Those of you that have come from other existences prior to a human incarnation may have come from much higher dimension than the 5th. So, as you awaken, you awaken to beyond the 5th, to your knowledge. You are returning home, so to speak, you are reconnecting with your soul. Your soul, your spirit and your personality are beginning to come into alignment.

Journey towards who you really are

Some of you have challenges around this, because the world at large or the people around you have influenced you, have had their own agendas with regards to you as an individuals. Many fears, phobias, discrediting believes have influenced you; have been placed upon your soul within your personality to prevent you from moving into who you really are. However, these forces or system, believes, structures are falling away and you are struggling, some of you, to recognize who you are. So, it is our desire, our wish, to assist you to bring you, at this point, to who you are, in divine.


You are a light form

You, all of you, in essence are a light form. All of you, within that light form have universal knowledge, the ability to heal, the ability to create, the ability to move, to be whatever you choose to be, where ever you choose to be. At first you will find it easier to co-create together, to join forces to co-create the systems – the new systems, if you like, if you want to call them that – to make your life easier, to bring about balance between the cultures, the religions.


Co-creation and unity

To bring this balance you must work together. This has been a very, very long journey. Many souls, soul-mates, soul-partners that are coming together are deliberately being born in different religions, in different cultures in order to meet, to fall in love and to break down those barriers, not only within their own hearts, but within the communities around them. Many of you have turned your back on old religions, parents, institutions, because your soul begins to emerge and you find yourself struggling within these systems that produce dis-empowerment on many different levels. They try to entrap your power to make them more powerful. And this you are also coming to understand. But more importantly you are coming to understand that if you unite, you become stronger. Your movement within yourself becomes faster. So your reconnection is in a way quickened, because of the people around you.


Guides, angels, divas and other energy sources

Many of you have utilized guides, many of you have utilized the angels, the divas all different energy sources that exist within this universe, or universes, as you are beginning to find out. You connected with these because you feel there is no one else to connect within the physical world in which you live. And these being have supported you have enhanced your lives, have guided you and also guided you to other individuals who are similar, so that you can formulate these groups, friendships and gatherings of like-minded souls. Some of you are finding that as you move into the 5th dimension, even though you are not aware that you've done it, that you are feeling disconnected somehow from these guides, these beautiful souls who have assisted you in the past. And yet you feel more part of everything. So it is a little bit of a conundrum for some of you. The reason for this is that we begin to step back in order to allow you to come to your full empowerment, to reconnect with the divinity or the divine energy sources that are within the universes.


Vortexes are re-opened

If you can imagine that your world has been in a bubble, in a bubble of different realities and yet cut off from the realities beyond that, and that bubble has now burst open. The vortexes were closed through the time of Atlantis. Many situations created this bubble, however, now this bubble has burst and more and more of you are having a sense that you are home, that you are in harmony, that you are no longer floating around, struggling. More and more of you are connecting with like-minded people. More and more of you are beginning to understand that you have the ability to change your planet, to change it in a positive way.


Stay true to your heart

We are asking you to stay true to your heart, to stay true to your vision of love, of light, of truth – truth being knowledge. We thank you. This is the time that we have in order to communicate with you this time. However, we will communicate again through this medium. We are looking greatly forward to that. We will leave you this day in our love, in our light and our truth, and our blessings. And we thank you so much for allowing us to share with you and be with you this day. Good-bye!

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