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Your Planet and Battle for Souls


And we are here in love and in light and in truth. We wanted to speak to you about your planet as a whole at the moment.


You can see that there is a lot of obstructions, a lot of wars, a lot of pain, a lot of starvation and obviously a great deal of weather turmoil. This is because of the mental thoughts and the fears that have been generated on the planet at the moment. They have always been there, but at the moment there is a battle going on and that battle is on the mental plane and the soul level as well. Often with regards to 4th-dimentional thinking or you would call it dark and light.


There is a huge transformation as we said before or evolutionary step happening with this planet. And in order for that to happen you need to move into unity consciousness. In order to move into unity consciousness you need world leaders that are in within that consciousness or at the beginning stage of that consciousness and who are willing and open to serve the people that they represent and not themselves. And this is of primary importance to us at this moment.


This mental battle is manifesting itself in individuals as well. If you are having very confusing thoughts, some of you are feeling off balance, some of you are feeling very depressed, not yourself, forgetful, a lot of things around the head at the moment. And this is because of these energies that are coming down. There is a lot you can read, you can hear about these energies, so we won't go into it at this time. But what it's doing is forcing the crown chakra to open. You know, when you are a child, when you are born, your scull is not completely closed up on the top of you head and you have an opening there in which your energy continues or the light force continues to come down. And you are still in the process of incarnating really for the first 7 years. And within those first 7 years a lot of the time something happens and part of you, your higher self or whatever aspect you want to call it, stays out of the physical presence. So at the moment, what's happening on a worldwide level is that all of your presence is coming in.


So a lot of you are having problems around your head, because the actual crown or the top part of your head is expending and opening up and it is causing pressure because your light energy or your light body is literally wanting to be more present, to come more into the physical. Because the veil between the 4th and the 5th dimension is really awakening. This is creating some problems for you as individuals. But do not worry.


One good thing you can do is to meditate. If you cannot meditate find some peace in soul where you can go in to listen to your own spirit to your own self. That's the most important thing.


Within the universe are universal truths. And many of you are hearing about this. A lot of it has been written about these different truths within the Secret, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Karma. All of these things are being spoken about at the moment. But these truths are in your soul and you are part of the universe. They flow within you. You do not need any religious beliefs to tell you what these truths are. You already know these truths. Actually, you don't actually need police; you would not need a legal system at all, if you all lived in your truth. If you were all awaken to your soul, you would not require any of this. And all of these systems will eventually break down as you do move into the 5th dimension and beyond.


The 5th dimension is not the last stage. You continue to evolve. But it is the first stage where only light exists. Now, light and dark co-exists under the 5th. And that is the battle that is happening right now on your world. And this is happening mostly on the mental plane, because this is your most predominate plane - what you think is what you create. The mental plane and the physical plane are connected. What you think you bring into the physical.


Your emotional body and your spiritual body are connected because your emotion give you indications, feelings and let's say push you, they open you into your intuition, so that you know where your soul wants to be. You can communicate with spirit through your emotional body.


So the mental and the physical are the predominant. They are the male aspect also and we are discussing the male and female. So the female aspect is the emotional and the spiritual, and the male aspect is the physical and the mental. They go together, they work together. But in fact they work together as a whole, they are not separate, but let's just say at the moment they are. And so many of you are working of your male aspect whether you are in a female or male body. So you are very, very driven by your mind, what your mind thinks. You're driven to create and manifest what you want through consumerism, “I want this, I want that.”


That is why the battle is going on on the mental plane, and the mental plane is so big, because the battle for souls is actually going on. Because when you go into the 5th dimension, you literally decide what side of the fence, dark or light, you want to be on.


Now, light creates, it manifests; dark destroys, it un-creates. The dark doesn't know how to create a soul, the only way that it gets energy is through taking souls at the beginning of their evolutionary stage and taking them in by deception, by dis-empowerment and control.


A lot of you are not from this planet, you are from what we call star seed, you are from the Pleiades, from Andromedas, from Cyrus, from the Malkesadeck order… There are many, many planets that you are from. You are also lightworkers, which are coming from different dimension not necessarily evolving from planets.


Now, you have already been through the process of deciding to go into the 5th of the light. So you are here supporting the planet.


Now, that doesn't mean the dark doesn't exist in the 5th, it does, but it exists in a different reality. It just doesn't co-exist in the 5th, and beyond, of light. So there is in deed a battle of souls, your souls, going on with mankind, with human kind that has evolved from ape.


So you have different types of souls co-existing on this planet, with different information and different levels of truth, and different healing modalities as well, which will accommodate certain types of souls. So it doesn't mean that someone's truth is wrong or bad, or against you. It just means that that truth is accommodating a certain vibration of souls, and this is right for them.


There are souls that have been let’s say influenced or deceived by the dark to perpetuate powerlessness in others in order to feel powerful themselves, to perpetuate greed, to perpetuate suffering in order to feel that they have enough.


So it is their ignorance, for most of them that pushes them into that dark aspect of themselves. The soul itself is light. Remember, the dark cannot create. The only way that it can get souls is by taking them at their infancies, at their beginning in their ignorance and coercing them into believing in greed, into believing in worthlessness, into believing in “not enough” or powerlessness. So they move them over.


And so it is your job as light beings, as light workers to open and show the way that you can actually achieve empowerment, success, abundance,… and create anything you like from loving methods, from sharing, from co-creating, from working together, from supporting each other… You can actually do that.


Everybody can get what they need, what they desire, as long as it is in the melting pot of sharing. It doesn't need to be a separation. You can understand another's religion, you can understand another's fear, another's pain. You can understand another's culture, if you listen, if you open your heart, and you have the willingness to do that.


And from there you can come to a compromise to work together, to share the land, to feed each other, to share the water, to share the air, to share the abundance that's there. Everybody wants the same thing. They just need to see how it can be done in a productive way.


And that's what is really happening on a global level. So it's very important whom you choose to be your leaders. It's very important how you choose to conduct your life to make the decisions on a daily basis, whether or not you would choose unity or separation. Whether or not you would choose to listen to your heart, to your soul or your personality that has been influenced by the mass, which says, "There is not enough to go around. You have to have this to be beautiful. You have to look like this to be successful.”, etc. You all know what they are.


In other words, letting go of the personality and going into the soul is what is needed of you right now. When you go to judge another, stop yourself and ask yourself, "What would love do now? What would my heart do now?" Not, "What would my mother say, or my father say, or my boss say”, but, “What would my heart do know? What would it say now in regards to this situation, in regards to how I am about to act?”


Stay within your heart and everything in your surroundings will come to balance and this entire imbalance that you feel, this fear that you feel, the suppressing that you feel, will all dissipate, because it's all an illusion created by the dark to entrap you.


Look at these beautiful souls that are fighting at the moment: fighting for food, fighting for a peace of land, fighting because the neighbor’s religion isn't right... Look at them with compassion, because they are ignorant, they do not know anything different, because no one told them, showed them or sent them a message that it is different.


We're asking you, support by sending out love. Send the vibration of love, send love and positive thought to co-create on the 5th dimension highways, networks of positive thoughts that people can connect with and say, "Yes I can do it differently! Ah, I am suddenly awakened!"


Begin to co-create with people from the other side of the planet, telepathically. Thoughts are energy. Energy creates the reality. Use your thoughts to create a different reality on the other side of your planet. Every time you see something on the TV that says, "These people are starving, they’re at war, they're hating", send the thought that love exists, the thought that they can open their heart to receive love from their neighbor, food from their neighbor, that they do not have to withhold themselves, that there is an answer that they can have peace, that they do not need to hate, that they can put down their guns and surrender their anger.


We're not asking you to send, "Put down your anger, be in peace!" That means nothing. Send them energy, an image of everybody being fed. You don't have to work out how it's going to be done - the universe will do that. The people around will register those thoughts and start acting of it. You only have to send it out, the universe will do the rest, and energy will do the rest. Put out the thought, the imagination, the feelings, everyone is being fed, their bellies are full, they feel good, they're feeding their family, there's water in that area, people can drink clean water, there's peace. There are no guns. People are walking around shaking hands instead of killing each other. Just that image, you don't have to work out how it can be done, because the leaders will work that out, if the image is there. You cannot create what you do not know is in existence.


These souls that are in this evolutionary step of 4th dimension do not know what it is to exist without fear, they do not know what it is to exist without pain, without killing, without destruction.


You the light worker, you the light being have existed in other dimensions, on other planets where there is peace. You have a conscious memory of it. It frustrates you that this planet is not doing it, but the way to do it, is to put out that thought, put out that vibration, send it to these souls, so that they begin to recognize it as a possibility and from a possibility begin to co-create it.


If it is in your mission to assist in this creation, do it. But if it is not, and it is frustrating you, see it as part of the reality of the world. See people instead of throwing granates, throwing flowers in love. See children instead of crying, laughing, smiling, feeling joy, feeling safe and comfortable.


Begin to see your reality and it will come into the physical. Your mind is your most powerful tool. Use it to create the physical reality you want. Open up your emotion and listen to your soul. Your soul will guide you to the situations that you can change, that you can affect. And those that you feel you cannot, you still can - through your mind.


We are thanking you for your support, we are thanking you for your dedication and we are asking you: live from your heart, listen to your soul and create with your mind. Thank you. Good-bye.

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