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The image above captures the essence of manifesting in the 5th dimension, focusing on a serene landscape where a figure stands with arms wide open, radiating light from the heart center. This visual embodies the shift from mental processes to manifesting from the heart, emphasizing unity and connection with all things.

Manifesting in the 5th Dimension


The concept of manifesting in the 5th dimension involves a shift from relying solely on mental processes to manifesting from the heart center and embracing unity consciousness. In contrast to the 4th dimension, which emphasizes will, intention, and mental focus, the 5th dimension focuses on connecting deeply with the heart and operating from a place of oneness with all things. Manifesting from the heart involves letting go of old paradigms and living fully in the present moment, leading to simplicity, ease, and a deep sense of connection to the divine. While these ideas can inspire personal growth, it's essential to approach them critically and balance spiritual exploration with practical action.

Full message:

A lot of you are having problems moving from the old paradigm of manifesting from the 4th dimension into manifesting from the 5th dimension.


In 4th dimension you manifest from the mind, from that strong will and intention, from affirmation... There is a lot actually written about it, there are a lot of movies about it. The Secret is one of them. And it is absolutely correct, however, in having said that, each level, each initiation that you go through and each dimension has different aspects of the truth. Therefore the way in which you manifest in the 3rd dimension is different to the way in which you manifest in the 4th dimension. Therefore, in the 5th dimension it is going to be different.


It doesn't mean that what you've been doing is wrong and that those people cheated you or lied to you or anything like that. They gave you their honest truth. It simply means that your education is going to another level.


So, to manifest in the 5th, the only way to do it, is to come from the heart. And the way to do that is to spend a minute, sometimes more if you feel, concentrating on your physical heart. Only on your physical heart, not on your heart chakra, that is different. We will give you clear instructions how to do it later.


Remember the way the dimensions go. The first is matter, the second is emotional, it is instinct, the third is mental, the forth is psychic - so you understand about energy and how it works and you incorporate that in the way in which you manifest, by visioning.


The 5th dimension is unity consciousness. It is the first absolute layer of light, the first dimension that doesn't have any shadow or darkness in it.


There is a 5th dimension of dark, but they do not co-exist. They separate at this point. And we've explained this before.


So, when you are moving into the 5th, which many of you are doing and the planet is also doing, you are finding it difficult to manifest in the old way and you feel like you are stuck: you are not moving, nothing is happening... You'll know that you are moving into the 5th, not only through some of the body sensations - there is plenty of information on the Internet about what that is - it is to do with the 3rd eye, the crown chakra expending, the nervous system changing... Apart from those one of the true signs is that when your time frame starts to get messed about. In other words, you can't remember what you did yesterday. And sometimes what you did this morning feels like you did ten days ago. Or, you may have the feeling that it is Friday instead of Monday. Or, your times get all mixed up. And that is because you are moving into the now, into the present moment.


The 4th-dimensional reality has karmic repercussions of what you give out you receive back. That is how you manifest. Energy given out, energy received back, and there is a time frame between it.


Remember we said to you very clearly, that when you move into the 5th, the time frame changes, so therefore you are literally creating as you go along which means that you have to be in the present moment, you have to be in the now. Which is why you are forgetting so much. Which is why your time frames are all over the place. Because you are sort of one food in the 4th and one foot in the 5th, which is normal.


That is what is happening. Don't think that there is something wrong with you and that you are not good enough to go there, because you are. You are moving from manifesting like that - really concentrating, sending the energy out, doing affirmations, vision-boarding, putting an awful lot of time into your manifestation - into manifesting only from the heart.


To manifest from the heart means to literally go into your heart – your physical heart. You know that there is a lot of information and scientific knowledge backing that information that you have brain cells in the heart, that you have a vortex that expends from the heart, that is 5000 times greater than the vortex that expends from the 3rd eye in the way in which it manifests.


Now, start to concentrate on your physical heart. Put your hand on your heart and you start to feel it beat,... If you are the sort of person who loves to think about everything and your mind can't stop, we would suggest that you hum at that point. So you just put your hand on your heart and you hum. And as you hum, imagine that you are placing that hum in your heart. So your physical eyes go to your heart, your 3rd eye, your consciousness goes to your heart, your hand goes to your heart, your breath goes to your heart, and your sound goes to your heart.


If you can do that for one minute, twice a day minimum, you will begin to transform your life.


When you begin to concentrate on your heart and go into your heart, the way in which you manifest changes. You no longer have these longings, this feeling of "I really need this", "If I have this, I'll get a partner", "If I have this, people will like me", "If I get this job, I'll feel successful". That is all 4th-dimensional. It is what the media is telling you: "You have to have this, otherwise you are not pretty enough, you are not good enough, you are not successful enough etc. And it has been brainwashing you all.


When you move into the heart center of unity consciousness within the 5th dimension, all of those pains, those longings, those inadequacies begin to leave you and you begin to realize: "Actually, I don't need all of those things". Some of you are already getting to that. Some of you are already letting go of those things and simplifying your lives. The truth is that when you move into operating from the heart, what you need to manifest in order to fulfill your mission in this lifetime will automatically come to you.


Haven't you ever noticed that when you just forget about the rush, and you are simply being, the biggest opportunities come to you? When you let go of what it is that you have been trying to make happen and you say "OK, that’s it" - not with anger, you do not let it go with despair, but you just say: "Oh, I can't hold this anymore" and you literally stop thinking about it and the next thing it comes. It is because you then allow the energy to flow. When the energy flows and you are creating from one moment to the next moment, whatever you need in that moment comes to you. For some of you, it is different. Each one of you is unique.


How many times we are asked in personal interactions with people "Will I have more money?", "Will I win the lottery?", "Will I get a better job?". The first questions you normally ask are around money and relationships. Money is usually the first thing. And you all thing that money is going to bring you happiness. And it is not, because money as we said before is a conduit.


So it simply is this: the more that you take your awareness and your consciousness to the heart (and it is very simple to do, it is not complicated, it doesn't need to be complicated), the more you will follow your life's mission and have and draw to you what you require to do that.


For some the life mission encompasses telling the entire world about something, sharing a lot of information… So the means to do that will come. For some it is a simple way of living. And for those that will happen. When you let go of the neediness, that strong desire, you let yourself go on the mental plane from all the advertising, from all the manipulation, from all the control and you place yourself in your heart, you will find ease. You will find that what you need will come to you.


That doesn't mean that you cannot say to yourself "Well, I'd really like a new dress" or "I'd like a new car", or "I'd like to live in this area of the world, because that feels right to me". If it feels right to you, it will happen. What we are saying is that you do not need to push it. You do not need to feel bad about yourself - pushing, struggling, visualizing every day, writing it down every day, affirming it every day… You do not need to do that to attain it.


You simply need to be it, to center yourself within it, to feel it. When you feel peace, when you go into your heart and you hum, or what ever way you do it, when you feel that peace, when you connect with that peace that you feel, that oneness - and that is all about the 5th dimension - you feel that oneness, that divine connection to everything.


There is no room for struggle. There is no room for pain or disappointment. There is no room for the shadow.


There is only room for the light. So be it. 

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