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At the moment we do not have any retreat scheduled. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we will notify you as soon as new dates become available.

Weekend Retreat in Croatia

"For the first time in my life I actually feel my body."

"I have always felt myself closed and now I feel so connected and open, my heart is an open space."

"Life changing weekend, everything about it has awakened something in me."

"I struggled the first day to let go of my mind, I wanted to leave, but I am happy I stayed as I found a deep peace and I connected to myself."

Acerca de

"This retreat is a culmination of all I have discovered about meditation, shamanism and spiritual connection, blended in a 21st century manner to accommodate busy lives."

Susan Ashley

You can read above some of the feedback I received after our last retreat in December. Thanks to this feedback I decided to offer new dates.


If you have had the calling that now is time to go within and strengthen your intuition and abilities, then join me on a weekend retreat.


In this stressful time where everyone is vying for our energy it is important to re-calibrate and heighten our connection to the Divine.


True power emanates from within. Are you ready to allow yours to be present?


Silence is the first stage to listening and truly receiving yourself. 


Together we will dive deep leaving all the stress and worry behind reaffirming that you are the most valuable commodity you have. 


Coming together in the beautiful seaside landscape of Crikvenica, Croatia,


  • enjoy the comfort of your own bedroom & bathroom,

  • vegetarian,

  • sauna & massage,

  • an individual healing session with Susan as well as group sitting and walking meditations, 

  • learn spiritual warfare to protect yourself and your family from invading energies,

  • disconnect from technology and reconnect with your truth,

  • cleanse deeply the imprints of today's busy life, 

  • set true intentions for your life's path,

Walk out refreshed, connected and most of all empowered on your path. 

Thanks for your interest!

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