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woman with an open heart Kassandra Susan Ashley

This is how Kassandra introduces herself at the beginning of every communication:


“And we are Kassandra, we come to this day in love and in light and in truth. Is this acceptable for you?”

About Kassandra

Kassandra, speaking through Susan Ashley, is a spiritual representative of the Universal Feminine. She has chosen to come in feminine form as she believes that the gifts of the feminine: forgiveness, compassion, healing and sharing are most needed at this time.


She is part of the White and Blue Brotherhoods and speaks on behalf of them as a consciousness. She does not call herself a Master, as to do so would imply teacher/student relationship, which is not in alignment with her message that we are all equally co-creating.


Spreading a message of hope and love for the planet, she empowers us to remember who we are, why we are here and what we personally can do to co-create a planet of peace and love through clear intentions and right actions.


Susan posted many videos on You Tube with messages from Kassandra. In the first video Kassandra introduced her message saying:


"We understand the situation of today's channeling. We would like to communicate through these waves of communication that you have over the internet at this time. Because we understand that this is a very immediate and quick way to get across messages. And so, we are choosing now to utilize this way as a way to gather you, to awaken you, to join with you in fact, to creating or co-creating as it is, the world which your hearts desire."

Susan on her relationship with Kassandra


I've been channeling Kassandra for over 25 years. At first, Kassandra came to me in my dreams with messages and then she started to come to me more telepathically during the day in my work as a therapist in Sydney, Australia.


I am very, very happy that she is in my life. My life has completely transformed as a result of knowing her.


I am an unconscious medium. Therefore, I don't remember what she says. However, I am privileged to have her as a teacher also and as a guide.


I do individual and group channelings of Kassandra and I have been creating You Tube videos, so that you have the opportunity to get information from her and to communicate with her, to understand the message that she is here to give at this moment.


Normally, I am very passive about my work. I am a little bit shy about Kassandra. I haven't done anything really publicly until February 2008 when I uploaded my first video to You Tube. It was time for me to do that and it was what Kassandra wanted.


It's an unusual situation for me, not one that I would say that I am extremely comfortable with, particularly when it first started happening. But now I've become used to her, I've become used to her ways, and I find that my life goes a lot better if I listen to her.


When you get the opportunity to experience a channeling with me, you will see that I leave my body, which takes a few minutes for me to do and then bring through Kassandra for you.


And then she will share with you, what she needs to share with you. I have no idea what she is going to say…


Kassandra always introduces herself at the beginning of the channeling with: “And we are Kassandra, we come to this day in love and in light and in truth. Is this acceptable for you?”


And then it is up to YOU :)


In love, light and truth,


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