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Please note: If you know or suspect you had a traumatic birth experience please ensure that you have a qualified person that can assist you with this process.This process is not a replacement for any psychological or medical issues you may have.

After purchasing the audio healing, you will be directed to the page where the .mp3 file is available for download.

First Breath Imprint

by Susan Ashley

The first breath you ever take in this body plays a major role in locking in an energy signature that defines how you receive and experience life.

If your first breath was difficult, hard, painful, a struggle or heavy for instance, that feeling can then become the foundation of your life.

You may hear yourself saying throughout life, it’s just so difficult, why do I need to struggle so hard.

This imprint for life can be transformed, into the resonance of ease, joy, peace, flow or clarity.

You can go into past lives and heal your relationship to how you experience life, past lives have a major impact on how you manifest the life you want as opposed to the life you get. However, the impact your first breath has can lock all that into your body as a way of life. I have found that healing the First Breath imprint can be the last piece of the puzzle or the beginning of a journey.

When your spirit and your personality are not in alignment manifestation becomes something that is often fraught with struggle.

This technique is a wonderful way to enhance this connection and bring more balance and ease into your ability to live a full and happy life.

It does not replace or take away from the requirement of healing further however, it can play a major role in enabling you to manifest the life your soul wishes and not what the collective consciousness or history pushes you to create.

First Breath Imprint (length: 18:00)

Price: 49 AUD

(+/- 28 EUR, 30 USD)

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