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lion head Susan Ashley

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Lion's Gate Channeling of Kassandra and Activation

on 08-08-2020

by Susan Ashley

This is a power packed galactic portal in which the Universe aligns with Earth to provide an opportunity for advanced spiritual connections, access higher realms, increase psychic abilities, insights, downloads etc.

The ancients used this time to bring peace and information to their communities. In the spirit of times past, it is my wish to bring back the era of gathering together as a community to impact and imprint our community back.

This channeling took place on 8 August 2020 in Bakarac, Croatia, some people joined personally and most of them via internet, from all continents of the world. We sat in sacred circle for a Kassandra Channeling and collective meditation under the stars. Our collective focus was on Truth and Awakening.

This is a very intense energetically charged time, which began 26th July and culminated on 12th August. Throughout this time frame the darkness tries to prevent you from accessing your higher potential and truth. It works at influencing your feelings and thoughts to that of lower vibrations, so that you enhance its journey and creation.

You may feel heightened anxiety, stress, fear, doubt etc. Please, take note that perhaps the darkness is pushing back on your light and wanting you to "stay in the box" and "to keep your light hidden". It is important in these times to understand what is happening to you and not engage in this, to concentrate on what you know to be the truth for the world, that people are essentially good and their light requires light to grow, which is why they are pushing social distancing.

Channeling and Activation (total length nearly 3 hours)

Price: 40 EUR

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