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Susan Ashley leaning on a fence

"There is no such thing as failure in life only choices. Sometimes all we need is the clarity and discernment to make clear and honorable decisions." says Susan providing the space and energy for you to access your true potential.

About Susan Ashley

About Susan Ashley

With over 40 years of experience, Susan Ashley is a connoisseur in the realm of healing, having mastered 15 distinct modalities ranging from psychotherapy and hypnosis to various energy and soul healing techniques. Her life path readings are renowned for their clarity, insight, and the breadth of possibilities they unveil. Moreover, Susan serves as a trance channel for Kassandra, offering a unique conduit to profound spiritual insights.

Under the mentorship of a Peruvian shaman and through her work with Sexual Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivors, Susan honed her understanding of both benevolent and malevolent energies. This experience has given her a unique perspective on the complexities of healing from deep trauma. As an Energetic Alchemist, she orchestrates free meditation sessions every weekend through Zoom, aiming to catalyze the creation of the New Earth. These sessions are celebrated for their transformative power. Susan has innovated a technique that harmonizes universal and worldly truths, leveraging the heart's magnetic field to manifest our collective vision for the New Earth effortlessly. Her approach to utilizing group dynamics for co-creation not only empowers individuals but amplifies the collective endeavor.

Susan's expertise is globally recognized, drawing clients from diverse sectors—ranging from vibrational healing pioneers like Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences and Roisin Fitzpatrick, Artist of the Light, to professionals in surgery, politics, and business. This international acclaim has enriched her understanding of collective consciousness, further expanding her abilities.

Her insights and methodologies have been featured in both international and Australian media outlets, including Woman's Day, The Sydney Advertiser, and The Daily Telegraph, and have led to appearances on Slovenian TV and a weekly radio program on 2Blu FM in Australia. Additionally, Susan has been active on YouTube since 2008, sharing over 200 videos to date, which further extends her reach and impact.

An esteemed speaker, Susan has graced events like the Wesak festivals in Europe, Body Mind and Spirit in Australia, and the Harmony program in Europe. Her collaborations extend to Sydney's Philharmonic Orchestra and world champion dancers in Slovenia and the Netherlands.

For 30 years, Susan has facilitated Women’s Spiritual Journeys, Soul Mate Workshops, and Spiritual Foundation Workshops, guiding participants towards a deeper connection with the divine light that weaves through every existence, reinforcing the notion that no one is ever truly alone.

Susan's channeled sessions with Kassandra have reached a global audience, touching tens of thousands with deep spiritual truths and creating a sense of 'coming home' for many. These groups foster a supportive network that significantly enhances participants' lives, embodying the power of collective spiritual enhancement.

* A person who makes room for another soul to speak through them. Other known channels are Bashar and Abraham Hicks.

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