My Love
is my  Strength
My Self-Respect and Courage is my Protection
         My Ability to Heal is my Empowerment

Susan Ashley

Spiritual consultant, author and healer

About Susan Ashley

Susan Ashley has more than 30 years of experience. She studied 15 different modalities of healing, including psychotherapy, hypnosis and many forms of energy and soul healing. Her life path readings provide clarity, insight and possibilities. Susan is also a trance channel* for Kassandra.

Susan's talents have been sought worldwide and this has enabled her to explore many countries, gathering an insight into the collective consciousness, which has expanded her abilities.


Susan has been sought out by leaders in many fields of vibrational healing such as Ian White, Australian bush flower essences, and Roisin Fitspatrick, artist of the light. Surgeons, politicians and businesses have sought her guidance, knowledge and insight to support and further their careers.


Susan has featured in magazines both internationally and in Australia: Woman's day, the Sydney Advertiser, The daily telegraph, Novo... She also appeared in newspapers and on TV in Slovenia and she had her weekly radio program on 2Blu FM in Australia.


Susan was also a guest speaker in Wesak festivals, Europe, Body mind and spirit, Australia, Harmony program, Europe. She also worked with members of Sydney's philharmonic orchestra as well as with world champion dancers in Slovenia and in The Netherlands.


Susan has held Women’s spiritual journeys, Soul mate workshops and Spiritual foundation workshops for the past 25 years.


Once you have attended a workshop/seminar with Susan, a feeling that you are now connected by the divine thread of light that is part of us all takes hold and you understand you are not alone.


Susan's channeled groups with Kassandra have extended across the planet. Kassandra’s knowledge and deep spiritual truths have been felt and heard by 10s of thousands of people. To attend a group is like going home for many and the connection each group shares is a supportive collective that enhances the lives of those that attend.
* A person who makes room for another soul to speak through them. Other known channels are Bashar and Abraham Hicks.
"There is no such thing as failure in life only choices. Sometimes all we need is the clarity and discernment to make clear and honorable decisions." says Susan providing the space and energy for you to access your true potential.

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