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tree in a sunrise - Susan Ashley

After purchasing the activation/meditation, you will be redirected to the page where the audio file is available for download.

Creation Alchemy Meditation/Activation

by Susan Ashley

Connect and create with your 3 main guides in this life. These guides join with you to empower your energetic imprint in the world.

Your body was created by Earth's elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether.

They are the energy signature of all that is here on Earth.

In this recording we awaken your kundalini in harmony with Earth, which enables your spirit to create a stronger imprint out into the world.

All is vibration. Empowering yours to unity is the most important and powerful way to co-create a world of unity.

Get the recording and empower your vibration.

Creation Alchemy

(length: 51:00)

Price: 9,99 EUR

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