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The image has been created, capturing the essence of Kassandra's message on the importance of incorporating feminine principles into today's world, emphasizing qualities like compassion, forgiveness, and creativity. It symbolizes the balance between feminine and masculine energies, unity, and the collective journey towards a harmonious world filled with love and abundance.

Importance of Feminine Principle


Kassandra emphasizes the importance of incorporating feminine principles into today's world, highlighting qualities like compassion, forgiveness, and creativity. She discusses how individuals choose their gender at birth, with each gender representing different aspects of the soul's journey and needing balance. Negative aspects of both male and female principles are acknowledged, urging healing for societal imbalance. The message emphasizes co-creation and unity for the planet's survival. People are encouraged to embrace their feminine strengths, overcome fears, and reclaim power for societal balance and personal fulfillment, ultimately aiming for a world filled with love and abundance through the harmonious integration of masculine and feminine energies.

Full message:

Why have we chosen to come as a feminine principle?


We wanted to speak about the feminine principle and why we have chosen to come as a feminine principle in this communication. You will see that a lot of channels currently come in their male form, which doesn't mean that they do not in spirit have the female counterpart that they could communicate through. We have chosen the female, because we believe it is the feminine principle that it is most needed on this planet.


Characteristics of the feminine principle


And that principle encompasses compassion, forgiveness, nurturing, healing, creativity, harmony, abundance… That is what it encompasses in broad terms. Intimately it is something far greater than that. Lets take a soul as a whole, it is both male and female, therefore it can receive and act, it can generate energy, that is receptive part, and then use that energy to act upon something, to create something, to manifest.


You have chosen your gender


When you come into this world, into this physical form, because there has been polarity of male and female, good and bad, dark and light,... you have chosen to come in either male or female. Of course you have some situations on this planet where you have mixtures of this, you also have gay community, you have those that come in in one gender and wish to be another. These are different aspects. We won't discuss them right now. But they are manifesting more and more for various different reasons. And that is to bring you to the point of understanding in fact that you have both sides. You do have both aspects within yourself, however at this moment, if you have chosen to come in as a male, you have chosen to be that male side of your soul, because that is the side of your soul that either needs healing, or needs to be more acknowledged, or chooses to be that part upon the planet, to play that role upon the planet.

The male aspect of the soul


And the male side is to act. It is like a laser, it is very focused. It thinks on one thing, remains focused and cuts through everything in order to get there. It is not a way laid, or it cannot be influenced by outside. It is extremely focused, extremely directed and manifests with precision.


The feminine aspect of the soul


So if you have chosen to come in as the feminine, you have chosen to come in in the receptive part of yourself. Therefore you have chosen to be let’s say like that part of the magnet that draws everything in and then creates. So you are the part that nurtures, that teaches the planet how to forgive, that brings about messages to receive. You receive messages; you receive guidance. You are the tenderness, the gentle side of nature. And together there is a balance of receiving and giving.


Negative aspects of male and female principles


If you have too much male energy (too much action, too much testosterone as you call it), you will have aggression, you have fights, you have competition. That is the negative side of the male. If you have too much of a feminine, you don't do anything, you are talking too much, you procrastinate, you cannot get anything done, you waylay too much, you are easily led. These are the negative aspects of those sides. And they are made manifest. And the reason that they are made more manifest on this planet at this moment is that you have a lot of people who do not know what they are doing in life, they are roaming around endlessly, whether they are male or female, it doesn't matter, they could be in a negative side of their female. They don't know how to act, they cannot manifest, they feel helpless, useless, powerless etc. Or you have the negative side of the male that are pushy, bullying, domineering, controlling... And it is these wounded aspects that most need your attention and need to be healed at the moment.

When you have all these wounds, then you have an imbalance within the society. So you have societies that do not acknowledge the feminine principle, do not allow her to be seen, do not allow her to be active within the community... these are very aggressive societies, they are male-dominated societies, and they are not gentle. And they are not creating peace. They are creating war, constantly, amongst themselves and externally.


If you have somewhere where there is an overuse of the feminine principle, the creative, the soft and everything, then you have a lot of poverty; you have people who cannot act, because they are in this victim mentality. So you have these huge, huge imbalances.


And then you have countries, where you do have people who are in their empowerment. And they are struggling. You are struggling to bring about the balances in these other worlds, in these other countries. And we are saying to you to put this into balance within yourself first. If you are in the feminine in this lifetime, that means that part of your mission is to understand how to receive.


Issues in a relationship


Now, we do personal channelings. We have done thousands, and we cannot tell you how many women we have that come to us and say they do not have a partner. When they do get a partner, they find themselves doing everything within the relationship, in other words, playing the male role, acting too much, giving too much and never receiving. We have them feeling exhausted, powerless and out of control, because they do not know to be in harmony within themselves. They do not know the feminine principle and if they are not in the feminine principle, if they are in their male aspect, then the men that they attract can only go into their female in order to be present in the relationship. In other words, if she is doing everything, if she is controlling everything, if she is the active, focused part of the relationship, the male in order to stay, has to be in his feminine. When he goes in his feminine, because he doesn't like it, he is not used to it, he goes into the negative side, which is to do nothing, to be a poor me, to be a victim. And of course you have one person carrying the relationship. If this female can go into her feminine and it has nothing to do with surrendering equality or surrendering your career or surrendering your needs or desires. No, not at all! It has to do with how you manifest. It has to do with what leads you, what is your guiding light in everything that you do. It can be complicated, but it is not. It is very simple. In order for a feminine principle to manifest in this physical plane (we are talking about on planet Earth, we are not talking about in spirit), she must go into receptive side of herself. In other words, she must surrender and receive this energy.


As we said if when the male goes into the negative side of the feminine, because they actually do not understand the feminine principle at that point, the feminine principle at that point can stop giving, stop talking, stop acting, you will see after a period of time that the male will begin to act, will begin to talk, will begin to come into his male. And the relationship can then move forward.


How to manifest as a female


It is very interesting this concept of giving and receiving. So for the female to manifest, she must first receive the energy. She would ask of course "I would like a new car". So she gets the image of what she would like that car to be and she thinks about it, and she opens to receive the car, and just continues in her daily life and before she knows it, a miracle has happened: she has driven pass the car, she has just been presented with the advertisement of the car etc.


How to manifest as a male


But for the male to manifest, he must act first then receive. So he says he wants a new car, then he must go out and look for the car, be active in the search for the car in order to create. And then he receives the car. So there are two different ways of doing it, depending on whether you came in in the male or female form in this lifetime.



Of course you can go into balance and be in your male and female. And this is where a lot of people are getting to with all of these evolutionary changes. Which doesn't mean that you will no longer need partners, that you will no longer fall in love and have relationship. You are discovering the meaning of co-creation. In order for your planet to survive, you must begin to co-create, you must begin to co-create the same principles, the same thought forms. Now, what has been created in the past is thought forms of course of negativity, of depression, of anxiety, powerlessness and control. And these new thought forms, we call them the 5th-dimensional thought forms, are of unity, sharing information - that is another part of a female aspect, that is to share with each other, discussions, communication, to understand each other. So this feminine principle really needs to come into existence upon the planet, into positive existence, within the male and the female. And not continually being seen as weak, as powerless, as something we need to protect. The reason that women have this intuition and have had it instinctually throughout mankind evolution is, because they weren't as physically powerful as men, so they needed to use their intuition in order to survive. So this is very interesting, if you go more into your intuition, you honor more your own guidance of what is right and good for you. It doesn't mean that something else is wrong. In the fifth, in unity concept, everything is the way it is. There is no right or wrong. It just is. In other words, this is right for me. Someone else maybe doing something totally different, but you do not judge it and say "that is wrong", you say "that is right for you". "That is the right road for you, however for me, it is a different road." And from that principle you can come together as a nation.

How to go into your feminine principle


So in order to go more into your feminine principle, the first step is to acknowledge what the feminine is, that aspect of it, to you as an individual. What is your role, is it a care giver, is it a nurturer, is it to forgive and utilize time, is it to share your knowledge, is it to co-create with others, to support others, is it to be a leader in this? We are not saying that women are not equal in everything. They are! It is just to understand that in order for the female, for the woman, to manifest, she must be in her feminine principle. So many women say: "You know, I almost get there and it doesn't happen. I try really hard, I do everything that is expected of me and still it doesn't happen." It doesn't happen, because you are here in the female body in this lifetime, you are here to learn how to manifest from the female principle. That is how it works for you in this lifetime. And to be seen, to be heard is not shameful within the feminine. So many women have this feeling of fear to expose themselves. Why is that? So many women have had within their spiritual journey, whether in this lifetime or another one, the fear of being controlled, the fear of being violated on many different levels by the male principle. So they fear the beauty, they fear the power of the feminine principle. So the violation of women has to stop on this planet. The control and the dis-empowerment of the feminine has to stop! Mother Earth is feminine - she needs love. All women, all girls, all feminine aspects need love, they need nurturing, they need sharing, they need togetherness, they need to feel a part of the community, they need to feel valued, they need to feel worth.


Creating miracles


And when they do, their ability to receive energy and be like generators of love expands even greater. And when you bring the male into that, when you come together in an intimate relationship and she is generating the energy and he is receiving and focusing that energy, you can create anything. You create the miracle of another human being unconsciously a lot of the time. Can you imagine what powerful things you could create on this planet coming together intimately with love, male and female, generating and focusing love. You will manifest a divine world.

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