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The image vividly portrays the idea shared by Kassandra about the potential of a close relationship between a man and a woman to inspire significant changes worldwide. It captures a moment of deep connection, symbolizing the unity and balance between masculine and feminine qualities and the power of love to break down societal barriers.



Kassandra talks about how close relationships can bring about big changes in the world. She says it's important to move past the idea that love always leads to pain, and instead, think of love as just love. She looks at different kinds of relationships, like ones based on karma or soulmates, to show how real connections can break down barriers in society related to religion, culture, and race. She believes that bringing together both masculine and feminine qualities is crucial for personal and group growth, helping people reach their full potential and make the world more peaceful. By promoting empathy, teamwork, and creativity, Kassandra suggests a future where love is stronger than division, creating a feeling of closeness and support among everyone.

Full message:

Importance of intimate relationships for the planet


Once you have this male and female counterpart sorted out within yourself, we then take it a step further and it is the reason why so many soul-mates or soul-partners are coming together. We want to talk about relationships. Because these intimate relationships are very important to this planet at the moment. They are the foundation of change. It is very difficult to change the mass consciousness on a mass level when you have so much negative messages going at and you have so many people in power who do not wish for the change to happen. Therefore many souls have incarnated into different religions, different cultures, and different races. And then at the later date, they meet up as adults and fall in love.


Love equals pain vs. love equals love

Now, the residing resonance on this planet with regards to love is “love equals pain”. You have music on it, stories on it, you have movies on it... Everywhere you see, you see these signals that love equals pain. Occasionally you see a message that love conquers all. But first you got to conquer all the pain to get there. So in order to create these new steps of evolution which is “love equal love”, going into the 5th dimension, into the unification of male and female, of cultures, religions etc., we need this to start happening on a soul-mate, soul-partner relationship level, no longer karmic relationships. There is a lot of confusion about that.


Karmic Relationships

Now, karmic relationships are relationships that you have with people that require domination, control, sadness, grief, pain, sometimes abuse, enslavery… They are giving you back from the past life or something like this. They're not good relationships, they are not helpful to your heart. They ingrain in you that love equals pain.


Soul-mate Relationships

We will take soul-mate relationships. We will use that term. Soul mate relationships say that "love equals love". So the love is grater than the pain of the past. You are willing to transcend language, religion, race... in order to love that person and this challenges your families, it challenges your community, it challenges the people around you to let go of their concept of what that religion, that culture stands for. And it begins to bring about unification within that relationship, within that family, within that community. And this is how we have been doing it. And it is very challenging for these soul-mates to come together and to stay together when they have these outside forces saying: "You cannot marry a Catholic or a Protestant or you cannot be with an African or you cannot be with a Japanese person." These are the parents and the families or your own inner voice that says: "This is not good." There is a shame around it. There is pain around it. And yet the love is so strong that these soul-mates endure this in order to stay together. And what they bring to this planet is a break down of all these idiotic believes, it brings a realization that the soul loves another soul regardless of what color or belief it has. And it begins to bring about the transformation in the minds also. Maybe your religion, your culture is not so different to me. Maybe a woman, a mother always wants the best for her child. Maybe a father a husband always wants the best for his family, to provide, to create. We all want the same things. And this is what it comes down to. And so we ask that if you do come across these soul-mates, support them, do not judge them, because they are bringing together often this mergent of male and female energy and they are generating and exhibiting a lot of very positive loving thoughts that are needed to break down these barriers that are on this planet at the moment. So more and more of you will be meeting people from other cultures, from other races and falling in love. And more and more of you will be challenged to say "love equals love" and transcend the pain of your past, the past abuses... and look at this person honestly and say: "They are not doing that to me." "That is just my own illusion of what I think men are or what I feel women are always doing."


Male and female principle in unity

And as you release this, you release the barriers to what the male and female principles really are in unity. They work together as a unit. As a soul you work together as a unit. You need both counterparts of yourself in order to travel throughout time and space, in order to communicate with people on other dimensions. And as long as your politics, your religion and your world leaders keep you separate from each other, keep you separate from your own inner female or your own inner male, they keep you powerless and they prevent you from being able to do all these amazing things. Like communicate inter-dimensionally, and travel throughout time and space. Like be able to see the truth in all situations, like be able to co-create together a planet of harmony and peace. Where everyone is fed. It is possible. Where everyone has warmth, food, a roof over their head, where everyone gets to do the job they enjoy. Where everyone gets to travel, to experience, to create, to draw, to taste, to sing… Whatever it is you've come to do, whatever it is you've come to experience on this planet, you will do together in harmony, without the feeling of deprivation: "They have more than me." "He is better than me." "She is wiser than me." "So I am going to withhold a part of myself." No, no. In the 5th dimension it is about the unification of all things. And so you are being literally moved into this unification. And in order to do it, you have to surrender to your heart. In order to surrender to your heart, you have to surrender to the principle that you have come in here to demonstrate at this time.


Characteristics of the female/male principle

If you have come in in the female principle, be loving, kind, understanding... and heal. If you have come in in the male principle, support the people around you, communicate your knowledge, and help to co-create something. Instead of going into competition with each other, help to create a car that runs of water, fresh water... You are the inventors, the creators. Do it! Act upon it together! Manifest together in peace and in harmony. Be that male aspect. And act upon it. Construct your buildings that will not break down the first time they are in bad weather. This is what the males have come to do: to build, to create.



Be in your heart. Discover what it is to be male or female first and you will have a clue to finding your counterpart.

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