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The image symbolically captures Kassandra's critique of organized religion and her advocacy for spiritual unity beyond religious boundaries. It represents her vision for a society that embraces direct personal connections with the divine, advocates for gender equality, and envisions a future of societal harmony and spiritual progress.

Church and Religion


Kassandra critiques organized religion, noting its limits on spiritual growth and unity. She argues that religions often distract from personal connections with the divine and reinforce gender inequality. Kassandra advocates for spiritual unity beyond religious boundaries and stresses the need for societal changes to promote equality and peace. She predicts transformations within certain religious traditions, highlighting the importance of gender equality for societal harmony and spiritual progress. Overall, her perspective urges reflection on religion's impact on human consciousness and the push for a fairer, more inclusive society.

Full message:

We will not differentiate between one religion and another, because most religions take you away from God. They stop you from going into your own knowingness and push you into going into the knowingness of another. And as we see it, not everybody is the same.


We also see that as you move into the 5th, you do not need it, because you are in unification with the laws of the universe. Even though almost all religions have aspects of those universal laws within them, such as commandments and precepts from the Buddhism. They say, you shall not kill, steal, be with someone else's partner (which perhaps is the one that has been broken the most), use the lord's name in vane (which has probably been broken the most also). A lot of these commandments are common sense. They are universal laws, to make a civilized society. And they have been very much required for individuals to feel that they are part of something, because they have felt distant from God, or God force. But when you go back to feeling this oneness, you don't need the church.


If a church was a place where there was no prejudice, if it was a place where all were at the same level, all equal, both men and women, then we would say: it is all right. However we will tell you that, even though in some religions there are also light beings that are working very hard within them, churches have been the most destructive energies towards the female kind on this planet. If you look in the history, even in the Catholic Church, it was just over 200 years ago that they deemed that the women even had a soul. The dog had a soul by that stage, but the woman didn't. So we in spirit find this extremely ignorant.


And yes, it has evolved, however the religion has given many the right to kill, to rape, to take from others... We don't like this.


If you look at the situation where they are saying to you, if you want to be a priest in these religions you cannot marry, you are not allowed to feel love. And yet you are allowed to teach others how to be a family. It is a separation. This creates then a temptation and this temptation is to abuse others. We would say that a lot of forgiveness needs to happen.


Originally the idea of a congregation was to bring people together to support each other. And we like this. This is good.


But when it brings people together to hate another and to create separation, it is not 5th-dimensional. Until every single priest is cleaned, it is not 5th-dimensional. Until women can also preach and these priests and nuns perhaps can become married, it is not 5th-dimensional.


So changes would need to happen for it to become community minded. There was a lot of upheaval within these religions. And now the last one is the Muslim religion. This has been an instigator of many violations against womankind. And until the planet can have man and woman, side by side, co-creating, you will not have peace.


It is to do with men and women. It is not to do with any church or religion. You are interconnected. The man has the power, the woman has the ability to create. Together they can create and manifest anything, if they are truly together as equals.


You would agree that this planet has a long way to go as far as equality in this sense. Because you are all spirit, and in spirit you are both male and female. Perhaps in the previous life you were another gender. So you are all equal. And not one religion, not one, is demonstrating that at this time.


So until at least one of them does, you will not have any religions going into the 5th.


You will see that the Muslims will go through many changes in next few years and a lot more horrifying realities will come out.

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