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The image reflecting Kassandra's idea of unity consciousness has been created. It visualizes a diverse group of people united around a glowing Earth, symbolizing interconnectedness, cooperation, and mutual respect, all while highlighting the importance of caring for each other and our planet.

Unity Consciousness


Kassandra's idea of unity consciousness stresses that we're all interconnected and responsible for each other and the planet. It emphasizes being morally upright, cooperating without pushing personal agendas, and avoiding negative influences. It promotes equality in spiritual understanding, rejecting hierarchies. By staying peaceful and respectful, we can create a better world together.

Full message:

Remember that each move you make, the truth becomes grander. It becomes more open to you, more obvious to you.


When you move into unity consciousness, it means that you are literally connected with everything, that you feel your relationship to everything that is of light, whether it is a crystal, a rock, a tree, a flower, an animal, another person, the air, all of the elements, spirit, everything. You feel the connection. You vibrate.


It is like every single living thing has within it light force. Light creates. And that light force has DNA within it and that DNA has information within it. Just as your physical DNA has the information from your families, has the characteristics, the emotions and also the ancestral knowledge. And you are all learning about that at this moment. When you move into other aspects of your light, these parts of you ignite. So these information portals ignite. Which means that you are self-responsible, self-knowledgeable.


You don't need a religion to tell you it's wrong to kill someone. You don't need the police or a government system to tell you that it's wrong to kill someone. You know it is wrong, therefore you feel it, you don't do it. You don't need these structures to inform you what is right or wrong when you move into that 5th-dimensional reality.


Now, some of you are screaming at us right now, saying, "Yes but I already know that!". Yes you do. You already know that, because you have already experienced the 5th and beyond. You are just choosing to incarnate right now in a lower vibration, physically. But your soul vibrates at a much higher vibration. And at this moment you are literally incarnating. So you have had this aspect of your higher self that you meditate to, that you go to. Now, it's coming down to you. You are awakening that. The interesting thing is that as you remember and awaken it, your light begins to spark that memory in everything around you. And particularly in human consciousness, it begins to spark it.


When you move into unity consciousness, and those that are in the first wave, are moving at a very fast rate. You will be there next year for sure. And you are the foundation, the bricks and mortar of that physically next year. So, what happens in the process of learning to manifest from your heart: to go into your heart, to feel connected to everything, you begin to understand what unity really means - that oneness, what it really means. And you move away from swinging from good to bad, from judgment to love...


Let's say for instance, someone comes to you and say, “Uh, I really want to buy this new car. I know it's really expensive, but I want to get a loan to do it.” And you turn around and say to them, “Well yeah, but you know that's going to make it harder for you, it's going to put you in debt… What if you loose your job?” And you start giving them all the negatives as to why they shouldn't do it.


Energetically what you’ve done is just place a big blob of energy over that person. So you’re not co-creating with them at that point. Unity consciousness is about co-creating. But at this point you’re not co-creating.


Say for instance, you’re of a different position in that and that person comes and tells you, “I'm going to get this car. I've got the loan all set up.” And you get so excited, you say, “Ah, that's fantastic! Oh, it's going to make you feel so good every time you get behind the wheel. You’re going to feel so confident. Oh, what are your parents going to think? Oh, when you drive down the street, can I come with you? We’ll have the hood down! Everybody will look at us. I'm so excited, I can't wait!”


In your overjoy, you’ve also plopped a great big load of expectation on that person. So what happens to that person? And each one of you has felt this. Every one of you has felt this, and yet you do it to others. What happens to that person is: their dream becomes stuck with your energy, with your intention or your agenda - whatever you want to call it. How many of you have told someone something and they’ve been so negative that you question it, you doubt it and you don't do it? Or they’ve been so positive, they’ve given you all these ideas… They’ve taken over it. And you no longer feel that it is yours and you loose the energy or the power or impetus to actually do it. Many of you have felt that way.


What we are saying is, as you’re moving closer into this unity consciousness, be aware of this. Be aware and really work at making your energy neutral. Go to your heart. Ask yourself, “What would love do now?” It’s not that you cannot share in your friend's joy. That's different.


Remember, unity consciousness is about co-creating. When your friend comes and tells you this, say, “I'm happy for you”. “Is there something I can do to help you? Would you like my help?” That's neutral. It's not one way or the other, it's neutral. It allows their energy to be free, to create it. So they don't walk off with either knives in their back or a huge amount of energy that has overtaken their energy in your burst of joy for them. Neutral.


When you co-create with each other, you are excited, because you’re co-creating. You’ve got the same goal. But if you don't have the same goal, you don't need to put anything on it.


Sometimes you’re very curious about how we are in spirit. How is the existence in spirit? Well, I suppose it depends on where you exist within those spiritual realms. However, we will say this: when we meet another soul or a spirit, there is no wall, there is no agenda. There simply is that energy. We do not go into that person's energy or soul's energy and read their intentions towards us. Because their intention is very clear. We do not go into fear and think, maybe they want something from me, I don't want to give. Because their intention is very clear. We are clear with each other.


I meet many spirits. We work together on many different collaborations. So sometimes you are introduced to someone that doesn't have the same frequency or the same idea or concept or mission and we understand this. We just say, “Mm, yes, well, it really isn't going to work. We cannot work together. It's not going to work. Because what your needs are and what my needs are, is different.” It doesn't mean that they’re wrong or I, Kassandra, is wrong. It simply means that they are different.


So we do not invade each other's energy. That concept of, “Oh yes, I'm going into the 5th, I'm going to know what everybody is thinking, what everybody is feeling, and then I'll be safe.” That's a 4th-dimensional concept. It has to do with psychic energy, not spiritual energy. So, that will not be there. When we said to you a while ago you would not be able to hide yourselves, we meant it. We meant that no one would be able to hide themselves, the corruption, the greed, the expectations… Even the beauty, the uniqueness, the incredible knowledge… cannot be hidden anymore. It will be utilized.


So it doesn't mean that if you let yourself out of your front door, everyone's going to be picking up on exactly what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling. No! It simply means that they sense that there is no harm there. “This person is honest.” It's like that. It's not your thoughts, your heart's desire or your past… It isn't that. We do not do that. There's a code within the universal ethics that we abide by and we do not do this. So that is something to really understand that you can be completely open.


If someone invades that, because they do, they’re coming from the 4th dimension. When you meet someone and they say, “Oh, I'm picking up that you are going to change your life”, or “you’re going to get a new job”, or that there is a partner, when you haven't asked them, they’re controlling you, they’re manipulating you, and they’re coming from the 4th. Don't listen to what they have to say and remove yourself from that person.


Unless you ask them, or unless they are your friend and they come to you and say, “I'm feeling something, would you mind if I shared it with you?” If you give them the permission, that's OK. But a lot of those who are operating in the 4th, they want to manipulate and control, which is why a lot of you are hiding yourselves when you go out. Because they do manipulate you, they do take advantage of you, take your money, take your information, for some of you at work they take your ideas and present them as their own… And you feel, “Oh, I feel so violated!”, “This is what I get for showing myself.” No! Stay in your heart! Those people are 4th-dimensional. As you stay in your heart eventually that light that you’re shining, that heart energy will shine so bright, they will be found out, as it is happening all over the world.


That's what unity is about. It's not about separation. It's about bringing everything to this love, to this understanding that you’re all interconnected.


That's why we said from the very beginning of communicating through our daughter, ”We will not allow anyone to refer to us as master, we will not refer to ourselves as master.” Although we have confessed, we are member of White and Blue brotherhood. But to say the word master implies servant also. There is a separation. We chose very wisely not to do that. We are all co-creating together. I cannot have a voice so strong without the body that we are utilizing. We do not have the audience without you who is listening. So we are all interconnected. There is no separation.


There is no divine master that is so much greater than you that you must sit at their feet. Look at Jesus! His disciples walked besides him and he shared the information. If you are in the situation where you’re saying “my master”, “my Guru”, my this or my that, it implies you’re their servant. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this separation?” Yes, it is nice to have someone who is knowledgeable, who is helping you, who you are developing with, but call them by their name. When you go to school, you have a teacher, most of the time you call that teacher by their name. And that teacher calls you by your name. They don't say servant, student, mignon... They don't say that, unless they have an issue with authority themselves.


But what we are saying is: unity consciousness is nothing to do with separation. And you’re moving from one paradigm to another and you’re beginning to understand what that really means. Some individuals are really standing up for their rights at this moment and they are saying, “We're not taking anymore of this division within the government.” They do not realize the full impact of what they’re doing. And we are saying to you who are doing it who may watch this, “Thank you so much for being the voice!” And for those of you who are choosing not to participate in the protest, we're saying to you, “Stay in your hearts, be neutral, because your building block of that heart vibration is enabling them to speak the truth, to co-create together the reality that they want. Which is not about subdivision, it's not about greed, the poor having nothing and the rich having everything.” It's not about that. If you’re choosing not to be part of that awakening by protesting, you can use another voice or just stay in your heart. Don't say, “Oh, that political structure is so disgusting.” Don't put that energy on it, and don't say, “Oh, it's so wonderful, I'm really pushing these young people to have a voice and to speak up.” Be neutral. Stay in your heart. What ever they need, will come to them. If others feel they need to join them, they will. If you feel to join them, do so.


Unity consciousness is far greater than you realize. The whole planet is beginning to understand through your youth that you’re all interconnected. What happens in America, affects the Middle East. What happens in the Middle East, affects Europe, America, Australia, everywhere. You’re all affecting each other. The planet is moving into unity consciousness with you, it's taking you with it. And you are responding to it.


Stay in your hearts. Feel that peace.


Thank you.

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