My Love
is my  Strength
My Self-Respect and Courage is my Protection
         My Ability to Heal is my Empowerment

Susan Ashley

Spiritual consultant, author and healer

"WE DO NOT CONSENT" DECLARATION from the meditation on 13 April 2020

We do not consent Declaration


Free live Facebook event every day starting on 20 March 2020

Dear all,

I will go live at 9am Central European Time, 3pm Perth time, 6pm Sydney time for anyone that wishes to join me in this fight. 

We are now at the door of change and this world can go either way. You know it, you have felt this coming. NOW IS THE TIME TO SHINE. To stand up for this planet and the light within us all. 

This is unity and it will not come through WAR. It will come through consciousness. I will bring through a collective grid that we will all expand and empower to bring the change we have all desired for so long. NOW IS THE TIME.

Join me on my Facebook business page: Susan Ashley: energetic alchemist and Spiritual Consultant. You can also click here or on the picture above. 

LET'S do this together. I will continue to go live everyday that I can at the same time. Starting 20th March 2020. 

We will rock this world with love light and truth. Collectively we will lock the consciousness of pain suffering and terror off this planet. 

I know some of you have been waiting for your calling. Well it’s TIME.


This is a free event. I have dedicated my life to this planet and I have no plan to stop now.

Susan Ashley

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I can't say enough about Susan's work. She is a beautiful being, and we are lucky to have her here with us during these times. She is the healer that Spirit guides other healers to go to see, so they can reach their highest potential. Im so grateful to her, and I feel very blessed to have been introduced to her work.... A session with Susan is not really something that someone can put into words. It has to be experienced.... I wish there were more stars than 5 that I could give her, because I totally would. If you are reading this, you were brought here to Susan's work for a reason. Book a session, you wont be disappointed. With Love, 

Maria Elena, USA

(April, 2020)