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Channeling of Kassandra on
11 May 2024

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Hello Co-Creators,

Kassandra would love to communicate once again regarding the times ahead.

These are exciting times we are in. It's becoming crystal clear how important your thoughts and feelings are. Whatever has been imprinted that no longer serves you is being pushed out to be healed. Kassandra would love to commune with us about this, discussing how to navigate the times ahead to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Prior to the channeling, I have been guided to conduct a healing session for women only. This will be done via donation, which reflects how you value yourself.

I don't experience good; good doesn't come to me or stay with me. I get money and it's gone; some crazy thing always happens. This is in three parts related to this inverted matrix:

1. A woman's value is seen as servitude to man's pleasure.
2. She can be sold, and many have been, lifetime after lifetime. This creates a very strong imprint.
3. This was set up prior to ancient Egypt by three different levels of beings to create an inversion of the magnetic field of the divine feminine, the female psyche, and the planet herself. This prevents the real use and understanding of the magnetic field.

We will clear out three programs lodged within the chakra system and an ancient curse laid upon the divine feminine.


The healing session for women will start at 3 pm. It is open also for online participants. 


Date: 11 May 2024

Channeling: at 6 pm (CET - Paris, Ljubljana)

Healing session for women only: 3 pm (CET - Paris, Ljubljana)

The same location as last time: Brezovica pri Ljubljani and on Zoom

Fee 30 eur for channeling and a donation for the healing session. For online participants the fee is 50 eur if paid later than on 3 May. The Zoom link will be sent out a day before the event. Please send us the photo of you payment.


Please register via the registration form on this page.

How to pay?


Participants in person will pay the fee of 30 eur on arrival as well as a donation if applicable. 


For online participants same payment methods as always - Paypal, bank account or Revolut using this link:


If you don't have Revolut account yet, you can use the following link to open one:!DEC1-23-AR

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