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is a brand new and unique creation that has never been introduced to this planet before


Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield is a co-creation of Light and Sound to raise your physical bodies' frequency to harmonise with your soul and the new 5th Dimensional Light Codes.

These beautiful creations are lovingly made by our hands guided by Kassandra, the Rainbow Council, Lord Metatron, the White and Blue brotherhoods and all the elements of earth and beyond. Whilst making these, the Devas gather round and create a happiness that fills the Sparks with laughter and joy. Each is not only imbued with the Solfeggio tones and love, love, love but also with light codes to enhance your physical experience and expression. We love you all and our only desire is for you to feel that love and allow that to be expressed through all reality.


Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield raises your physical frequency to align with your souls frequency, which is accepting, loving, kind, abundant and joyful. Your Akasha Spark™ - Sound Shield is bypassing the mind/emotion trap and gently allowing life to be in the now.

Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield has not been specifically programmed. It has been co-created to accommodate your unique needs. Its frequency aligns you to your truth and whatever is not your highest good or truth will very gently leave your reality. Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield works on the principle that all is love and when your frequency vibrates love whatever is required for you with love will occur.

Aakasha Spark™ - Abundance Sound Shield is created to work more intensively on bringing abundance into your life by raising your frequency beyond the planetary collective fear of "lack", or being stuck in "survival-mode". Wearing the Aakasha Spark™ - Abundance Sound Shield will heighten your ability to manifest in everyday life very rapidly. Open up to receive, pay attention to wonderful synchronicities in your life and let the joyride begin...

Each Spark, like all life forms unfolds/grows over a period of months. Every crystal, oil, remedy and physical component is cleared of all programs and energy signatures from its lives' history prior to its evolution into an Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield. Once deprogrammed it is then infused with Sacred Geometry and all 5 elements of earth, fire, air, water, ether and then Akasha - the sound that runs through the universe and links us all. Once it's infused with the sacred solfeggio tones and light codes, it's blended and co-created using Rainbow Council - a new council that governs all other brotherhoods/sisterhoods (i.e. White Brotherhood), Angelic and Devic Realms, together with many Starseed Emissaries of Light, all contribute their love, light codes and energy to co-create a unique spark of life-force that harmonises your body to your soul.

As your Aakasha Spark™ - Sound Shield is divinely connected to the universal Akasha, it continues to upgrade itself, thus continuing to uplift your body/life-force. It doesn't require energy cleansing. It upgrades the effects of all other gemstones, sacred geometry and any other creation you wear, thus making them more potent.


You can order 4 different products:

1. Pendant

2. Set of Two Discs

3. Pendant for Kids

4. Abundance Pendant

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