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Every Wednesday at 8pm (CET, Paris, Ljubljana) on YouTube Channel Susan&Kassandra


On Wednesday 6th of July 2022 as the DIVINE ALIGNMENT was in place, we commenced a JOURNEY OF RELEASE, release from slavery, oppression and illusion. A release from energies that bind you to create for them and not for yourself. We heal time-lines, collective consciousness, entanglements, genetic coding and much more. The truth is that the more beautiful souls that participate, the deeper and stronger the healing.

This is a pay-what-you-can offering. I do this now because the world needs clarity. We all need each other to resonate such clarity that we spark healing in all that is around us. This is not a time to be afraid, selfish and greedy. It’s a time to enhance each other’s lives. I have been working for over 35 years in the field of energy. This is my gift to the planet. The gift of FREEDOM. For payment details check the "payment info" tab in the menu.

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