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Change your Light Worker's Contract

As we move into the 5th dimension (5D) more universal truths are available to us. One of which is that we as light beings create a contract with the Earth to serve in a particular way. Whilst we remain in 3-4D realities our truth is duality. To experience duality is to experience opposition/opposites.

This for any light worker can be exhausting, constantly having to chip away at the shadow/darkness to shine our light. Coming up against opposition has made many of us exhausted, having the feeling that we can't do this anymore. We at the front line have had a journey that has taken lifetimes of constantly having to exist in a world of duality all the while knowing in our hearts "it doesn't have to be like this".

A light worker can be a light being co-created within a dimension or a star seed co-created on a particular planet/solar system that has chosen or been chosen to assist planet Earth and all its inhabitants to evolve and live in peace.

In the past 5 months I have been told that the light worker contract can be changed due to a shift within the universe and Gaia.

I would have people come to me for a session and be told this one can change the contract. For me this has been a very interesting journey watching as the souls I was guided to help change this contract and transformed their lives from that of constant opposition to flow. As the people and situations of opposition in their lives literally just fell away, they found a peace and surprisingly were able to ground more of their own frequency onto the planet. This was for some confronting and for others comforting.

I have waited for the time when Kassandra would tell me is right. Those of you that know how I work understand that divine timing is always involved. Some of you have been told this in your sessions and some of you not. I am only the channel for Kassandra so I can't personally answer why you didn't receive that information. What I do know, now the door is open for all of you that feel it's time to let go of that contract.

Kassandra also told me this: to change such a contract requires going to a certain level of the halls of knowledge. There are a few that can do that for themselves. Do not allow the mind to delude you into thinking you have done it as it will. Releasing this in the mind is one thing, releasing it from your soul, from the Earth and the universe is another.

Kassandra, along with the Rainbow Council I have now been connected to, have guided and instructed me in this technique and I am now offering it to those that feel it's right for them.

Creating a new contract is imperative and it’s up to you to think long and deeply about this, as it will indeed change the landscape of your experience on planet Earth.

You can choose a “Light weaver” contract. A light weaver is very good as it is the one who creates and weaves the new realities for all to enter.

You may come up with something that perfectly suits you and your journey, however changing one’s contract will not elevate you to that of master, saint or even lord, only your deeds can do that. It will not change who you are (prime creator, healer, scientist, truth speaker) or where you come from. What it will do is make the journey smoother as your enter the 5D reality leaving the fight behind you.

When you feel in your soul that it's right for you to transform your light worker contract, I will assist you. I can do it over the phone or Skype.

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