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Individual Channeling of Kassandra

The session “Individual Channelling of Kassandra” is an amazing and out-of-this world experience, true nourishment for your mind, heart and soul, a step closer to achieving the fulfillment in this lifetime.


This is a life changing experience. It will put you on your life’s path and assist you with defining and achieving your life’s purpose. For everyone the experience will be a little bit different, depending on which stage of your life you are in and whether this is your first communication with Kassandra or not.


Do you often come across similar obstacles in your life? Do you reach a certain level but never go beyond? Have you ever thought that the reason of some of your experiences is your past life connections and your contracts as a soul? Have you ever had a feeling that you don’t belong?


The channeling will give you a complete new perspective on life and the hope that you can achieve what you came here to do. You will also get a valuable guidance as to how to become more you and what you can do to enhance your life and the life of people around you, bringing about the betterment of the planet as a whole.


This 1-1.5 hour appointment can be done in person or via various means of telecommunication, Skype being the most popular.


What happens during this session is the following: Susan leaves her body and allows another soul – Kassandra to enter her body and communicate with you directly.


You have the opportunity to have a conscious communication that most people have only when they are not in the physical body anymore. It is a communication for which some people say that it is like talking to your best friend who knows you inside and out. You can ask Kassandra questions that you have always wanted to be answered but no one has been able to do so.


Especially if this is your first communication with Kassandra, Susan will start by talking you through the preparation for the channeling, so that you can get most out of it. It is recommended that you read or watch as much information about Kassandra’s teachings on Susan’s web page before your appointment. This will help you get familiar with the concepts and will help you better understand the received information.


As the communication is direct between you and Kassandra, Susan is not aware of it and cannot remember what was said. However, Kassandra will always inform her about the outline of the information given and sometimes also about some details if need be.


Susan can also always listen the recording of the session as the entire session is recorded and the recording will also be available to you for your personal needs and use. Sometimes you will need to re-listen the recording in order to understand the whole extend of the message.


Please note that the content of the recording is owned by Susan and that the specific nature of this communication requires that you respect and accept certain conditions. This is the reason you are asked to accept/sign a legal disclaimer and a copyright notice prior to any communication with Kassandra.

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