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Susan Ashley - Weekend Meditations


Live event on ZOOM

 Sunday 12 December at 6 pm

(Time Zone: CET, Paris, Berlin, Ljubljana)

Register on

Early bird 30 EUR, after 5 December 50 EUR



that took place on 22 NOVEMBER 2022

Please contact us on if you would like to purchase the recording.

Length of the recording: 2 hours 35 minutes

Price: 30 EUR

Same methods of payment as always available on payment info.

You can also pay in crypto currency - write to us and we will send you the corresponding address. 

Hello beautiful beings,

Every year Kassandra does a 12/12 Channeling. It is an incredible opportunity to receive some insight about what is to come and ask questions of curiosity and concern.

More and more we are being shown that unity is the solution to this current situation. For many years Kassandra warned us of an event that would effect the entire world and bring us together. Kassandra has been preparing many for this moment, to gather knowledge and be prepared, knowing that we will thrive if connected to each other.

Everyone of us holds a piece of the solution. We are being asked to come together at this time to co-create an energy field that is so strong it anchors 5D into reality. Not as an opposition to the current situation however as a doorway to the new earth.

Everyone that has had the opportunity to communicate with Kassandra completely understands she is coming from a place of unity. She speaks with respect, honesty, compassion and a deep understanding of the human psyche. Kassandra has always encouraged your inner knowing to be your point of truth. Kassandra acts as a loving guide at a time when there are so many demanding allegiance by way of fear.

Now is the time to return to yourself whilst co-creating that, find the balance of feeling empowered and part of a group.

It is with great love for all life that Kassandra has chosen this time to communicate.

Please join us via zoom.

At 6 pm (Ljubljana, Paris, Berlin) on 12.12.21

Fee 30 EUR early bird (until 5 December) after 50 EUR

Please find the payment info here.

Register by sending an email to

You will receive the zoom link a few days before the event.

Love, light and truth,


Susan Ashley - Weekend Meditations


Live events every day on ZOOM

starting Thursday 11 November at 9 pm

finishing on Sunday 12 December at 9 pm

(Time Zone: CET, Paris, Berlin, Ljubljana)

As we have been meditating together since March 2020, I have been asked to do a 30-day challenge which is now turning into a 32-day challenge, as it will commence 11/11 and finish on 12/12.

Thursday 11/11 at 9pm Paris time we start this challenge,

Sunday 12/12 at 9pm Paris time we will complete the challenge.

Meditation Challenge is all about being committed to yourself and what you are anchoring onto this world.

Gaining focus, peace and a connection with the Divine in you and the world around you.

I was asked by guidance to share techniques that will open you to different portals of truth and energy. That will expand your field in all directions.

If you feel you have more to offer,

if you feel moved to create a new world of peace,

if you feel the need to change your life and what you are attracting,

then this is the right Challenge for you.

Every evening we will be in sacred circle expanding and creating together.

on Sundays during this time periods I will cancel the 6pm and only do the 9pm for this group.

The evening time is so that you can go to sleep or really relax after.

The exchange is 66 euros. A play on numbers and taking back the truth of numbers.

If you can not pay the full amount you can pay 2 x 33 - one payment before we start to ensure your place and second payment by 30th November.

Please register by sending an email to, including the information on whether you will pay in one payment or two.

Bank details and Paypal address you can find here: Payment Info

Please do not take this challenge if you are looking for new techniques to sell. The repercussions of such actions will be swift. If that's your intention you have already failed your initiation into the higher realms. I do not give permission for these sessions to be recorded in any form or copied in any form. However, used to personal use is what they are for. 

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