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Group Channeling of Kassandra

On these powerful evenings, Kassandra gives us clear and precise ways to move our lives further into the 5th-dimensional reality and out of duality.


Kassandra takes the groups consciousness and discuss what is needed for that group as well as answer some questions you may have about your lives and the world. It's up to you if you choose to ask something personal and have the answer shared amongst the group.


This is an evening of powerful movement on all levels due to the energetic support that Kassandra and her council provide as well as all your guides, angels and councils.


Collectively when we come together all is expanded "many times fold". For some this can create a spontaneous awakening, an epiphany or a feeling of being home.


The channeling is often followed by a united meditation to direct the group energy to where it is most needed on the planet at that moment to bring peace - thus creating peace in our own lives.

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