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Freedom from Sexual Abuse 

Healing sessions via Zoom every fortnight starting on 3rd December 2020

Dear One,

If you have been sexually abused, you carry the energetic signature of the abuser or the energy that is working through the abuser.

Carrying this energy can create an inability to recover or move forward from such abuse even with your therapist.

I devoted many years of my life assisting survivors to recover, take back their power and take back their love for life.

As a therapist I noticed that unless you address this energetic aspect of abuse often the client did not progress and the results were slow.

I also became aware of certain energies that would bind to your energetic system as a result of abuse that keep you trapped in emotional grids of reality, thus trapping you to relive the trauma cycle.

Satanic energetic signatures can trap your soul in a vibration that is not its truth. I find that many survivors have unique abilities or a strong light that the dark targets, in order to prevent you from achieving your mission or expressing your creative abilities.

I will conduct a fortnightly healing, 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm Paris time. online through zoom, you are welcome to join and allow the healing to happen. This is not for therapist to learn techniques, I will not be teaching this sort of information. Nor will I become your therapist, nor replace any medical practitioner or advice you may be receiving. I will assist you to know what is your next step to work on with your therapist. I will not record these sessions nor do I give permission for them to be recorded. As this is a confidential healing environment anyone that violates the trust of the group will no longer be accepted to join.

These healing evenings are for those that genuinely require energetic clearing and healing. You can give another name or show a picture that represents you if you do not wish to show yourself as confidentially is important. You are free to share the zoom link with those you love or know that can benefit from such a healing event.

Each fortnight (every second week) we will work on what I feel is the collective energy of the group and certain energetic signatures common to abuse. These may be repeated at times due to new participants. You will need to be guided by your own intuition as whether this is right for you.

This is held on a donation basis as energetic exchange brings balance to our lives.

Donations can be made to my PayPal (Please note there are 3 s in sussan)

or click on donate button or send money on my bank account. All information available on the left side of this page.


Password: freedom

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