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In this six-week course we will:

  • Work together to break through to the truth of you, create a congruent alignment between heart and mind and empower your energy to create the world you want for you and your loved ones;

  • Discover the 6th Element that is awakening due to 5D;

  • Release limiting beliefs, emotions and collective/morphic field connections limiting and hiding your true gifts;

  • Understand who is assisting you at this time - your guides, Councils and a host of support that is available to you;

  • Make a deep dive into energy understanding;

  • Receive a unique new quantum hypnosis recording – created specifically for the participants of this course – to create neuroplasticity to strengthen new pathways in alignment with your truth.

This is a journey to self – as we reconstruct your truth to enable your light to shine, life awakens.

We are all unique in the way we look and act in this world. We are also unique in our spirit, so our gifts are expressed in various ways.

Often these gifts have been shelved in the past due to pain and the untruths we live within, consistently affirming we are powerless. And this together with the past life memories, heredity energy signatures and contracts that often create a disconnection between heart and mind, making manifestation slow, arduous and at times an illusion.

Awakening your gifts is always our goal regardless of what we do, where we live and how we present ourselves to the world. There is an undeniable calling within that tells us "you are more, your are here for a reason, you are different".  


Awakened Soul

Live 6-session course every Thursday from 24th September to 29 October 2020,

at 8 pm (Paris time)

on Zoom

Contribution: early bird 333 EUR, until 15 September, after 400 EUR)

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