My Love
is my  Strength
My Self-Respect and Courage is my Protection
         My Ability to Heal is my Empowerment


Susan Ashley

Spiritual consultant, author and healer

Activation of 12-Chakra system
by Susan Ashley

Whilst operating out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions all our focus has been on our embodied chakras 1 to 7. 5th dimension is unity and unity requires “as above so below”. 


This activation is designed to assist with utilizing your whole self and connecting with your original frequency which opens you to connections that resonate with your purpose and soul vibration both in and out of the physical.


It will assist/awaken rapid growth of your sovereign abilities which the 3 & 4D realities often suppress.  


Enjoy it with love.


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Activation of 12-Chakra system (total length: 18:25)

Price: 30 AUD