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Today we are bombarded with how to manifest. Sometimes all the importance of being a manifester of millions is simply creating deeper feelings of failure. Join with me in collectively co-creating a reality with its foundation in love and not greed.

Watch the video for more info about the group.

Susan Ashley is a Manifestation Creator.

She can assist you to create the reality you want.

My mission is to awaken you to realizing your gifts, your personal and planetary missions, the truth of who you are, where you come from and what you are doing here.

I realized that my strongest talent lays in my ability to co-create with others the reality they choose by assisting them to release from their limitations and awaken their deepest gifts.

With a career that has now spanned over 30 years. It has taken me all around the world specializing in Satanic Sexual Abuse, Female Empowerment, Parental support for gifted and talented children and spiritual awakening and abundance for thousands.

This has provided me with a very deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities of realities existing currently on planet earth and how to move from one seemingly difficult dark reality of struggle, lack and pain to that of wonder, ease and joy.

I am an avant-learner, constantly striving to make the lives of others enriched in the most painless way. I don't complicate, I am straight to the point and I am committed to each and every person that sits beside me on this journey to bring into manifestation a world of unity.

I see we all strive for the same thing.

I know we all create limitations to receiving that one thing.

I hear precisely what your soul yearns for.

A deep loving connection.

It starts with you reaching out to me.

Susan Ashley, September 2018

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