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Video invitation to the upcoming events in Slovenia

Channeling of Kassandra in Slovenia

with Susan Ashley

on 22 December 2019

Kassandra Channeling & Activation

Manifestation Vs Creation

(27 July 2019, at 6 pm, Ljubljana-Sentvid)

It's time to create.

Are you ready?

This year’s theme will take us out of the mental landscape of manifestation and into the heart of creation.

Kassandra will explore the differences of manifestation Vs creation. What is needed for you to move your reality into this new paradigm that is already forming.

Last year we anchored the abundance plane, this year we are going to the next level, from linear timelines of “beginnings and endings” to flowing with all time and space at this moment of “the heart space of continuous


Activate Your Life with Crystal Grids

1-day workshop with Susan Ashley

(28 July 2019, at 10 am, Ljubljana-Sentvid)

Crystal grids can empower the energy of your home, your office, your body, your healing abilities and your community.

For thousands of years, ancient communities viewed crystals as instruments of power. Welding that power is a subtle art that was reserved for those committed to being of service: the healers, the shamans, the medicine women. Now as urban healers, the ancient ways are still powerful activators and stimulators of energy.

We will first go through the process of cleansing and programing your crystals. Programming is one of the most important aspect of any crystal work. Susan will share with you her most powerful personal methods incorporating all the elements.

How to create and formulate grids to empower your ability to create, for your home, office and planet of protection and energy?

How to balance your chakras with a grid & pendulum?

Empower what you wish to bring into your life with crystals and drawings.

Set-up a healing grid for those you love.

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