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Sacred Awareness

Regular Weekly Group

with Susan Ashley

It is time to come together and impact our world.

Your frequency/intention is an important contributor to the world you live in. Let's co-create an inspired, sweet, impactful light together to bring about unity & love for the good of all.

This is an open group. You come, when you intuit it is right for you.

Please note although there is plenty of techniques and learning, this is not a course, it is an open group of light love and truth.

I will create 1 day courses for those that require a bit more.

Big love, light and truth

Susan Ashley

Beginning: Monday, 9th April 2018

Sacred Awareness courses

with Susan Ashley


1. THE AWAKENING (6 weeks)

  • Activation of the Twelve Chakra System

  • Learn the levels of Dimensions and planes of existence

  • Develop personal Protection

  • Meet and connect with your guides

  • Understand the importance of Initiations

  • Release and heal fear of connecting with your abilities and create freedom to earn money from your gifts

  • Learn techniques to activate Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience

  • Introduction to Channeling and Mediumship

2. AWARENESS (6 weeks)

  • Advanced protection for self, other and your environment

  • Pendulum for balancing and accessing information

  • Automatic writing

  • Deepen connection & communication with your guides

  • Introduction to Devic, Angelic, Starseed and Spirit beings

  • Group clearings and activation of higher frequencies, both personally & collectively

3. ASCENSION (6 weeks)

  • Empowering your ability to create

  • Co-creation with the beings you have connected with

  • Healing people, situations and your environment

  • Past live & Ancestral healing techniques

  • Clearing and activating crystal grids

  • Group healing and activations of higher resonance


  • An introduction to the energies you represent or work with.

  • Channelling Devic, Angelic, Starseed & Spirit Beings to enhance your understanding of how to best work with them.

  • Specific healing processes to release enslavement programs & fear of being seen.

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