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Contribution is based on honesty:

Early Bird (before 16 January)

  • Employed: 60 €,

  • Unemployed: 30 €.

If paid on 16 January or later

the contribution is 70 € for everyone.

This evening is dedicated to sparking your inner knowing of what is the right path for you.

Kassandra has been a reminder to us all of our higher purpose and power. Now is the time to harness your abilities and ignite the light within.

Kassandra speaks to the heart of what is happening to you right now. Those that have had the pleasure of Kassandra's message have found comfort in trouble times, guidance from a loving heart and most of all empowered action steps to create the life your heart knows you have come to receive.

After the Channeling Susan will guide you through a profound release from the collective consciousness creation of Government systems.

Freedom from these entanglements and releasing the energetic charge around fear of these systems will herald a new reality not only for you personally, but also for the collective.

The more we release from these old laws and constructs, the weaker its reality becomes, thus freeing more than ourselves. 


Welcome the light

A Channeling of Kassandra to empower

the New Earth within

on 21st January 2021,

at 7 pm (Paris time)

on Zoom

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