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To all my loved friends in Slovenia  

As you all have a special place in our hearts, we have some loveable options for you to experience and participate in the fabulous evening with Kassandra on 12.12.

As Kassandra takes into account the group energy and communicates to the group as a whole, it will be perfect for all.

If you would like to attend the group channeling over Skype this is possible. It will commence at 6.30 pm Perth, Australia, which is 11.30 am on 12.12. Slovene time. If you would love to attend via Skype we have limited spaces.

We do have another option, if you can't participate via skype. If you book this option, we will place you energetically in the group and the healing and you will receive a 24-hour access to the recording of both (access information will be communicated via e-mail after the event). A list of all the participants will be created so you are included at all times throughout the evening.

In any case, after the channeling the recording will be available on the website for everyone to download, however the price will be a regular price, which will reflect the level of information and the included quantum healing. All the energy of that evening will be present in the recording so you can enjoy it over and over.

With love always



Skupinsko kanaliziranje Kassandre dne 12.12. v Avstraliji


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V primeru prisostvovanja prek Skype-a, vpiši skype ime, na katerem si dosegljiv-a v času kanaliziranja:

V drugem primeru, izberi dan, na katerega želiš imeti 24-urni dostop do posnetka srečanja:

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Plačal-a bom najpozneje 10.12.2014:*

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Paypal/Kreditna kartica: 35 EUR

Bančno nakazilo: 30 EUR

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