My Love
is my  Strength
My Self-Respect and Courage is my Protection
         My Ability to Heal is my Empowerment

Susan Ashley

Spiritual consultant, author and healer

Aakasha SparkTM Shop

Pendant for Kids


Aakasha SparkTM - Sound Shield has not been specifically programmed. It has been co-created to accommodate your unique needs. Its frequency aligns you to your truth and whatever is not your highest good or truth will very gently leave your reality. Aakasha SparkTM - Sound Shield works on the principle that all is love and when your frequency vibrates love whatever is required for you with love will occur.


  • Diameter (across): 5 cm
  • Thickness: 5 mm

Every product is individually hand-crafted, so the dimensions might slightly vary.

Picture only for illustration purposes as every product is unique.

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